Your no cost one hour ultrasound appointment will help you learn important information about your pregnancy.

How far along am I?

If you cannot remember when your last period was or have a history of irregular periods, an ultrasound can give you an estimated measurement of your pregnancy.

If you are planning on having an abortion, you will need to know how many weeks pregnant you are in order to determine which abortion methods are available to you.

Will I have a natural miscarriage?

If you are pregnant and considering abortion, you may not need one. Studies show that as many as 1 in 5 early pregnancies end in natural miscarriage.

An ultrasound can help determine if your pregnancy is viable or at risk for natural miscarriage.

Do I have an ectopic pregnancy?

If your pregnancy is ectopic, meaning the fertilized egg is outside of the uterus, you will need to seek emergency medical attention.

An ultrasound can help determine if your pregnancy is developing in the uterus.